A practical, effective and inspired learning product design organization.

Our seasoned team of designers, inventors and engineering problem solvers are addicted to excellence at every level.  We collaborate with our consumer and industrial product customers from the earliest stages of product design exploration through go-to-market strategy.  Speck Design advocates collaborative product development in every program, and works best with companies that understand the market potential and business value of great product design.  Clients rely on our engineering experience and learned intuition for product solutions that respect the nuances of ever-changing business product development environments.  We go beyond expectations, fusing creative talent with disciplined project management to reduce the cost of product development, get to market faster, and reduce manufacturing costs and complexity.  In the end, it's our clients' ongoing triumphs - project after project, year after year - that deliver the greatest satisfaction to our people and our product design firm.  We invite you to get to know us a bit better.